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Every witch deserves a safe space to practice their craft. We’ve dreamed up our Traveling Spell Space, a portable, multi-functional way to your rituals. Throw it in the complimentary tote bag to be used as a beach towel, for camping trips, or festivals- it can even be a rug for a child’s room. A protective spell surrounds the border, written simply for ease of use with many different styles of witchcraft. Open spaces to place your found objects, candles, crystals, etc. Amazing for beginners and young ones who are learning to visualize their surroundings, or for those of us who are not able to display a home altar.

Every Spell Space comes with our signature holographic tote bag! (excludes wholesale)

Each of our designs feature hand-drawn artwork and a channeled incantation by Laura.

Text reads:

"Good spirits from beyond draw near / gather upon this festive scene/ let us entertain you/ for tonight is halloween/ and when the veil thickens/ you'll not remain unseen/ our spooky hearts remember/ until we next convene"

  • 140 cm
  • recycled microfiber
  • full color printing
  • black fringe border
  • complimentary tote bag
  • wash gentle cool cycle and hang dry
  • lay flat once opened to smooth creases

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