Sun Sign: Gemini / Moon Sign: Gemini/ Rising Sign: Taurus

Lauretta Wong is an entrepreneur, artist, author, and lifelong witch. She is the CEO, founder, and designer behind Lady Moon Co., Inc. a brand dedicated to furthering the tolerance of witchcraft and magical practice as an acceptable lifestyle and culture. Lauretta is also the co-host of the award-winning vlog/podcast Third Eye Bind, a show dedicated to examining spiritual boundaries and emphasizing the importance of discernment.

She is also a classically trained actor, singer, and dancer, which has all informed her life as a creative entrepreneur. As a Creatrix, she has embraced many different components of witchcraft specializing in spontaneous magic, connection to the creative source, and lunar workings.

Lauretta is a self-taught witch and found her way into the craft as a child. Because she had time and space to develop her own intuitive practice, she believes in encouraging that empowerment in others.

“My hope for every magical person is that they are able to create a safe place within themselves, in their power, where they never feel alone. That sense of stability is the core of what magic is to me- a deep feeling of connection.”

Lauretta is also the co-publisher of Little Cauldron, the children’s book division of Spirit Bound Press. She is co-author of the upcoming Little Cauldron Academy book series and the creator of The Sirens Of Song Tarot and Magick Morsels Oracle Decks.



Sun Sign: Gemini/ Moon Sign: Taurus/ Rising Sign: Leo

Feather Rae (she/her) is a Gemini sun, Taurus moon with a Leo rising, mama to Winter Rae, 13 cats, 20 koi fish and too many plants to count. She grew up in 90’s Los Angeles and has known she was a witch since she was age three. She has spent her life in and out of the entertainment industry bouncing between acting, dancing, singing, modeling and photography. After being a loyal customer to LMC she jumped at the chance to work for the company when the opportunity arose. Now she spends her days wearing Crocs, chasing a toddler, packaging orders and writing witty emails. 


Sun Sign: Gemini / Moon Sign: Virgo/ Rising Sign: Libra

Miss Winter Rae aka “Winnie” is the official mascot of Lady Moon Co. and is the newest witch to the bunch. Like any witch she enjoys picking up random rocks, finding twig wands and smelling every flower she meets. Hobbies include pulling all the pins out of their draws, inspecting every package that gets shipped and eating all the snacks. She lives with her mama (Feather), papa, 13 cats and pond of koi.


Lady Moon Co. was created to fill a void in occult apparel. Witches are real. Witches are everywhere. We offer fun, meaningful products that make our customers feel represented. We are proud to be a witch-owned and operated business. Through our art, we aim to further the understanding and tolerance of witchcraft as a lifestyle and culture.