I grew up staring at the moon. My hometown on the central coast of California is full of natural beauty, and I always knew I had a deep connection to the land around me. I was always a witch, but didn’t identify as such until I was a teen. Lady Moon Co. is a reflection of my lifelong practice. I started my brand out of frustration that I wasn’t seeing my style of magick represented, so I started creating everyday apparel and accessories I wanted to see available to the Pagan community.

I find inspiration in a variety of things: the history of witchcraft, pop culture, nature, and sometimes it’s simply things I find funny. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how many like-minded witches exist. Coming from a strong performing arts background, connecting with my community and offering an authentic perspective is very important to me. Although I’m still a practicing solitary eclectic, it’s been really rewarding to fully step out of the broom closet.

I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting non-witches and “de-mystifying the mystical” so to speak. Witchcraft is very misunderstood, and to help educate and move that conversation forward is something I’m very interested in continuing.

Blessed Be.

Laura Wong