"Now here I go again I see the crystal visions, I keep my visions to myself."

This brooch is very special to me. I designed it during a time of great self- reflection, and put what I was feeling directly into it. Pair that with my favorite lyric by Stevie Nicks, whose music has always gotten me through, and you have our new Crystal Visions Brooch!

It is a reminder to not give every part of yourself away. That you sometimes have to keep your secrets, and magick, and love for yourself. That your magick is yours.

Lowkey it's also a talisman for warding off shady and shadowy people. As if to say "may my power reflect back onto you".

Colors inspired by Stevie's 1970's wardrobe and bohemian style.


  • 2.25"
  • 6 variations