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Poppet Dolls are a versatile method of sympathetic magick. The dolls can represent people, animals, guides, or act as means of self protection.

These little loves each have corresponding crystals sewn inside, as well as sigils decorating their bodies. The pockets sewn onto the back are where you can write out and store your intentions, or offerings.

These larger poppets are for those who want something more tactile, better for snuggling, or for children.

To Activate: Focus your intention and tell the poppet what its purpose is for you. I've created them with a general love theme in mind, open for specifics from the owner. What you put into it is the real magick.

*talisman poppets and pocket poppets are available on separate listings

  • felt/mixed material
  • approx 8" tall 
  • handmade and energetically charged by Laura Wong